Someone just lost millions of dollars all over Bloor St

June 17th, 2011 § 1

Whoever thought that the safest place to keep a few million dollars was in the middle of a busy Toronto street….

A pictorial essay of how businesses along Bloor Street in Toronto make use of their Yellow Pages……….talk about expensive advertising… I wonder how many of these business actually paid to be in that book?

Where do you store your phone books

It seems one of the popular places to keep your Yellow pages is on the sidewalk

Do you use it a lot?

Wow, someone just left millions of dollars laying on the stoop....

Phone Books Working Hard on Bloor St

If you stacked these 8 books on top of each other, you could have a great spot to sit down on.....

I like to spend money like this too

Can your yellow pages do this?

I think these yellow pages are propping up the glass wall...not sure

Some yellow pages trying hide in the corner......successfully no less...

Oh, lonesome me.....

Maybe the Yellow Page people are hoping whoever steals this bike steals the Yellow Page too?

Don't, don't you want me.....


I’m far from an environmentalist tree hugging eco freak (I own a 12 cylinder car, wear a coat made from the white fur of the Giant Panda and go on an annual dolphin hunting trip) , but think of the environmental foot print left by these books sitting on the street…..the trees, the transportation costs, the printing,  the energy……

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