Real Estate Agents Wasting Money……..Again Part III

August 3rd, 2010 § 3

Next up in the suck hole of real estate advertising – (Names people……….talk about trying to be too clever on the names!)

So Zoocasa’s agent offering has “exclusivity” as well – they only allow 4 agents per neighborhood, but truth be told their sale pitch to real estate agents is pretty crappy.  Just as crappy as Zillow and that Trulia site, maybe even crappier as they don’t give you any sort of sales demo and then require you to prove that you are a real estate agent even before buying their service.

We did two searches on Zoocasa to see what exactly they offer to real estate agents.  Take a look at the two screen captures for Deer Park and the Danforth – two Toronto neighborhoods. ( The “exclusive” ads are up at the top – I circled the ones I looked at in red.

and the second.

The ads are less than compelling.  No better than little billboards that show a total lack of understanding the online lead generation process (Here’s a hint – try to capture my attention……..and don’t do it by flashing me some skin, well OK, that might work with me).   And now their respective landing pages.

So what do we see, a few agents who have shelled out some cash to get some clicks and then they don’t do anything with the clicks.  And I bet they wonder why they aren’t pulling more business from the Internet…..

The question to ask is are these agents seeing a real return on their Internet marketing or are they fooled into thinking they are just investing in their brand?

What do you do with your clicks?

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§ 3 Responses to “Real Estate Agents Wasting Money……..Again Part III”

  • Mike says:


    Your comments about Zoocasa lend me to believe that you are more interest in tearing down than helping to build. I would encourage you to write (blog) about solutions instead of pointing a figure. Because its just as easy for us the reader to point “one big figure” right back at you.

  • josh says:


    The posting has nothing to do with Zoocasa as a company or service provider. It has to do with the way people make use of the advertising opportunities. Zoocasa isn’t responsible for people writing less than compelling ads, not having a clue as to what to do with a visitor once they land on their site and having generally crappy landing pages. If you actually read my post, you would notice that I’m pretty clear on a solution for real estate agents………..stop wasting money and get a clue about lead generation. The blog is filled with advice.

    But hey man……..thanks for your input

  • josh says:

    And yes, Zoocasa has a crappy sales pitch……….

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