Question of the day – Part III – Mr Youth

June 10th, 2010 § 0

I love the url – – of their home page.  Yes, they just transported you right to their homepage.

Top of the page to ya

Top of  Mr Youth - We Get Social Media page

And now the bottom

Bottom-Mr Youth - We Get Social Media - Mozilla Firefox

Beyond the lack of any form of information capture on the landing page.  Who in god’s name wrote the self-serving copy?

Unless of course your problem is that you need to hire a firm with “a history of developing breakthrough social media strategies and activations for top marketers that include Pepsi, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson, Mr Youth has been named as Social Media Agency of the Year by Mashable”, cuz if it is, I think these guys just solved your problems.

But you were just looking to hire a social media consultant.

This is another example of people confusing brand advertising with direct marketing.  I don’t care about you.  I care about me.  What can you do for me?  Does your being named social media agency of the year do much for me?  Well considering we don’t have a relationship yet, and you really aren’t attempting to build one here (No one likes a braggart), I’m not sure your campaign is going to get much traction with this sort of layout.

Again, you have my attention.  What are you doing with it…………beside distracting it with a whole pile of irrelevant links.


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