Question of the day…….(Part I)

June 10th, 2010 § 1

Do social media consultants understand lead generation.  That my good readers is the question I am going to answer, or at least attempt to answer.

I’m going to make a basic assumption here, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but companies hire social media consultants in an attempt to drive sales, generate leads and increase brand awareness.

So one could safely assume that these guys should understand the on line lead generation/prospect development process. No?

Well let’s find out. Let’s go on a search to hire a social media consultant in Los Angeles and see how they take us through their lead generating/prospecting system.

-hire a social media consultant Los Angeles -

Google says what:

hire a social media consultant Los Angeles - Google SearchNow let’s take a look at the ads

#1 – Buddy Media – they are talking about some platform and I am looking for a consultant.  If I want a consultant, there is a good chance I may not know what a platform is to begin with.  You really have to think about your target market and aim for the lowest common denominator sometimes.

#2 – The Mr. Youth Agency – Congratulations, you won an award.  And that solves my problem how?  I need to hire a social media consultant

#3 Constant Contact – you bought who? why do I care?

#4 – Brandmovers -Er, what is “high performance”

#5 – Archrival – So you are experts.  Great.  Then you should already know what I think of your ad

#6 – Clarity Media Group – I’m glad you are using your media expertise and not your plumbing expertise – a blinding flash of the obvious.

#7 – EricHarr – You do social media?  Who would have thought that.  A social media firm that does social marketing that turns up when I do a search for a social media consultant.

#8 – Pluck – OMG………looks like someone gets it the idea of giving you something of value in return for some basic contact information.  I know it without looking at the landing page (I hope for their sake I know it).  They know that if i am looking to hire a social media consultant, I might be missing a few variables in my hiring equation – like my basic knowledge of social media.  And they are going to educate me….for FREE……………

When I originally thought if this article/search term, I thought I would see a number of well written direct ads.  After all these companies are working in a direct marketing/one to one environment.  Not so much.

What you don’t want are ads that encourage window shopping.  This is how you keep your costs down and your conversion rates up

In fact, I think a deeper dive is warranted to check out how these companies attempt to skim off interested prospects into their sales funnels.  Don’t you think?  Stay tuned for part II and we can dissect some landing pages…………………

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